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Haltom City Rifle and Pistol Club

Range address

2100 Minnis Dr, Haltom City, TX 76117

Range Phone(817) 834-8498

Membership Renewal Mailing Address


P.O. Box 210004

Bedford, TX 76095 

Mailing Address

Haltom City Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc 

PO Box 14291 

Haltom City, Texas 76117-0291 

Work Party Report January 15, 2022

Cold windy day but we forged forward and accomplished many of our goals. Started about 41 degrees with winds 10 to 20 MPH. We broke for lunch and were able to get out of the wind and enjoy the warmth of the geezer shack. Hot chili with the fixing and good fellowship made the day. When lunch was over the temperature had dropped and winds had increased so we completed tasks that were in process and cleaned up and called it a day.

The columns were installed, and chain installed to the dead-man anchors.

The chain pad-eyes for the backstop were designed and made ready to install.

The two-hundred-yard backstop was re-positioned on the concrete peers and target holders moved to correct locations.

Equipment was refueled

Restrooms were cleaned.

Rocks around the sidewalks were removed from range C.

Falling plates and swinging targets were painted.

January 2022 Silhouette Report

43 degrees at the start, but didn’t start misting drizzle until the second match, and 56 degrees by then. Only set up one set of targets, enough for running two relays in both matches. Close scores in both matches go to the hardest targets to break the ties: turkeys, rams, chickens, then pigs.

Fun Match Category available for any pistol or rifle in smallbore (.22 Long Rifle) and centerfire (must not damage targets).

Smallbore Cowboy Silhouette Rifle

High Overall Jerry Boydstun 57x 60

1st Master Rod Wooley 45

1st AAA/AA Autry Hodges 46

2nd AAA/AA John Kemp 41 (7 turkeys)

Not 2nd AAA/AA Vern Eaton 41 (6 turkeys)

Pistol Cartridge Lever Action Silhouette Rifle

High Overall Vern Eaton 32x40 (8 turkeys)

1st Master Jerry Boydstun 32       (7 turkeys)

1st AAA/AA John Kemp 25

Many of local shooters, me included,will be going to the Arizona State Lever Action Championship in February, a decision to hold the February HCRPC match will be made by the end of January.