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Haltom City Rifle and Pistol Club

Range address

2100 Minnis Dr, Haltom City, TX 76117

Range Phone(817) 834-8498

Official Result from Gulf Coast 120

Pearland Shooting Club in Friendswood, Texas hosted a 120 shot Lever Action Silhouette Rifle Match (.30-30 class rifles) August 17-18. Full size Silhouette targets are shot at 50, 100, 150, and 200 meters, open sights.  HCRPC and local shooters that participated are in bold, below.

Kimbal Markwardt, Emmett Dibble and David Anderson combined for a new National Team Record of 307 x 360.

HCRPC members Mark Sternglanz and Jerry Boydstun teamed with Robert Massey for a new Senior National Team Record of 300 x 360

110-Boydstun, Jerry HCRPC member New National Record 120 Shot Match Lever Action Silhouette Rifle

108-Dibble, Emmett

106-Markwardt, Kimbal

101-Harlow, Wayne

98-Sternglanz, Mark HCRPC member

98-Sheppard, Roy

94-Massey, Joanne   New Women’s National Record

93-Anderson, David

92-Anderson, Iain

92-Massey, Robert

92-Harlow, Keaton

87-Han, Erwin

86-McClure, Charlie HCRPC  member

84-Lee, Tim

82-Nichelson, Brian

80-Wooley, Rod

79-Shelton, Charlie

79-Jackson, Clint

79-Simms, Caleb

76-Salazar, David

75-Markwardt, Lorraine

65-Bowers, Mark

65-Johnson, Thomas

64-Shelton, Tori

64-Dibble, Teresa

62-Parker, Randy

60-Baylis, Bear

59-Morua, Jesse

56-Kemp, John

55-Landry, Cliff

55-Steiger, Pat

55-Lee, Judy

50-Orr, Merlin

50-Page, Ronnie

42-LaGrone, Robert


August Silhouette Results

What heat advisory? Later in the day was only 100  and index over that. I do confess to my ‘northern’ friends who complain of the summer temperature here that it’s just like their nine months of winter: you just stay inside (here, after noon or so). 

Greatly appreciate the help setting up, Friday afternoon (see above) was not the time to set up. Just shot 40 to get out as early as practical.

Notable: Steve Arceneaux drove from Brownwood to compete with us.


  Smallbore Silhouette

High Over Everyone Else    Preston Gibson           38 x 40

Next                                    Mark Sternglanz           37

Another Master                  Jerry Boydstun             31 (8 turkeys)

Not 2nd Master                  Kimbal Markwardt       31 (7 turkeys)

Most targets out of AAA    Roy Shepard                 29

Top AA                               Steven Arceneaux         32

Close but not Top AA         John Kemp                    31


Centerfire Silhouette   

Had the Best Spotter        Rod Wooley                    37 x 40

Good but Still Second       Kimbal Markwardt          35

Again Top of AAA             Roy Shepard                    29

Also Again top of AA        Steven Arceneaux           27



Aug 2019 Falling Plate Report 8/24/19

What a great day to be at the range. It was a HOT day but the fans made it comfortable for shooting. There were five competitors and we all had a good time. 

Falling Plate matches are held the fourth Saturday of each month at 1 PM.

  Rim Fire Center Fire
First Jim Ross Ken Keebler
Second Jud Park Jim Ross
Third Ray Pierce Floyd Ferguson