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RO Instructions                                                                                                      Range  Phone 817-834-8498

Range Schedule Contacts ** Ron Kersey 817-281-3065  ** Jud Park 817-282-8562 **  Drue Mosley 817-718-4260

Just approved by the board of directors: Paper calendar will be available at the range from the 10th - the 20th of each month to allow ROs to fill in for available RO hours. 

Sign-ups close on the 20th of each month (for the following month). This allows Jud and Ron to finish and publish the official range schedule.


Haltom City Rifle and Pistol Club

Range address

2100 Minnis Dr, Haltom City, TX 76117

Range Phone(817) 834-8498


May 2019 Silhouette Report

Rain, rain, go away.  Heard even the farmers are tired of it. The range was all set up, thank you Mark Sternglanz for the help, overhead kept it off us, save a little water running through the firing line, but where were the shooters? The rain quit in time to put it all away. Everyone that shot won, something.

Smallbore Cowboy Silhouette Rifle

High Overall                    Mark Sternglanz   53 x 60

High Master                    Jerry Boydstun      47

First AAA                         Vern Eaton            51

First AA                            John Kemp            34

Fun Match Winner          Charlie McClure    45


Pistol Cartridge Lever Action Silhouette Rifle

High Overall                    Mark Sternglanz     38 x 40

High Master                    Jerry Boydstun        37

First AAA                         Vern Eaton              30

First AA                            John Kemp              22

Fun Match Winner          Charlie McClure      34


Hunter Pistol

High Overall                    Roy Shepard            28 x 40


Got a .22, play our games or just come shoot for fun, first time’s free.