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Falling Plates - Fourth Saturday Each Month
Match Director - Ken Keebler

Falling plates is a game of pistol control. It is also fun knocking down metal plates.

The game is simple: knock down as many plates as you can as fast as you can. The 6 plates on the rack are shot in 6 passes of 6 shots each. Three passes are left to right, three passes are right to left. Scoring is 4 points for each plate knocked down, minus the time it took to hit them. 36 total plates if you hit them all (it's harder than you think), 144 points possible, minus your total time. Shooters are grouped according to previous scores, from A to Master (100 points or more). Men, women, and kids all shoot together by score levels.

The game seems to be about speed, but really is about gun control. You have to hit the plates to make points. Shooting fast and missing gets you only negative scores, so slow down, place each shot carefully, and develop speed as you develop your skill.

Today we added a extra twist of fun by allowing rim fire rifles and shotguns to be used during competition. I had a lot of fun watching Ken clean the plates with his shotgun. Jud installed a red dot on his Savage 22 and couldn't miss. If you have ever been mad at a plate for not falling hitting it with a 12 gage shot gun blast will put a smile on your face.

Come out and join us August 25th for our next match. Yes it will be hot but we will be in the shade with the fans running and having a good time!


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•   Michael Wilie (485)  7/24
•   Robert Bruner (42)  7/25
•   William May (912)  7/26
•   Luis San Miguel (987)  7/26
•   Thomas Burnett (1074)  7/27
•   James Sweeney (207)  7/28
•   Randy Buie (964)  7/29
•   Mike Bodine (902)  8/2
•   John Campbell (935)  8/2
•   Jim Scattergood (1006)  8/2
•   Gregory Fowlds (495)  8/3
•   Allan Mekush (663)  8/3
•   Mark Reynolds (213)  8/5
•   John Slate (943)  8/6
•   K Keene (534)  8/7
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